Detroit Horse Power

Expanding opportunity for urban youth through riding and caring for horses, eventually at a new riding center built on repurposed vacant land in the city of Detroit.

CaraMedia LLC

Nicholas Caramagno received his bachelors from Wayne State University in Dance and Film. He is the founder and creator of CaraMedia. He is in a partnership with his brother Even Caramagno. Their production company specializes in Marketing Material Creation and Distribution, Public Relations, Special Event Concepts Management, Press Releases, Contract Creation and Solicitation.

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Elias Majid, a Wayne State alumni, has always taken great interest in health, science, nature, and culture. He was able to take this passion into what is now known as Eli Tea. Started his business in the fall of 2012 and began working in the Blackstone LaunchPad program spring of the following year. Eli Tea won funding through Innovation Warrior’s Warrior Fund and a $25,000 grant from Arbor Day Foundation, which he used to plant 100 edible plants at Loyola University.

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Pristine Impressions, LLC

Pristine Impressions is a property maintenance LLC currently operated by Wayne State University’s business management major and entrepreneur Demetrius Dixon. His company offers a variety of services from lawn management to indoor upkeep. Dixon realized his vision while advancing and taking on leadership roles with RD Weis, a major carpet cleaning company based in New York.

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The Social Club Grooming Company

Sebastian Jackson is a Wayne state Alumni, and a native Detroiter who has taken it upon himself to improve the livelihoods of the residents of Detroit. He’s changed the landscape for business in Detroit through his barbershop The Social Club Grooming Company, located on Wayne State’s campus. This is more than just a barbershop; he uses his barbershop as a way to bring awareness and help the community at large.

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Coffee Colored Skin

Sheldon Radcliff is majoring in mechanical engineering. He honorably served this country by being in the United States Marines. Sheldon started his company Coffee Colored Skin in the fall of 2014. Coffee Colored Skin is a t-shirt company that showcases local Detroit artist on t-shirts. His company seeks to highlight a variety of local artists.


Dynamic Wealth Solutions LLC

Timothy Hooker, Wayne State alumni, runs Dynamic Wealth Solutions, a financial consulting firm for young professionals. He holds a Series 65 license for Investment Advisory and a life, accident, and health insurance license from his time at GBU Financial Life.

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5 Water Socks

Wayne State Law student, Jaspreet Singh, is the founder and creator of 5 water socks. These socks are an innovative water resistant athletic socks that are breathable, comfortable and soft. The name 5 Water Socks was inspired by both Detroit (The Great Lakes) and Punjab (the land of five waters). He hopes to grow his company in Detroit by creating design jobs in the city. He also hopes to raise awareness about the problems affecting his native land of Punjab, as well as the problems that occur in Detroit. Jaspreet launched a Kickstarter campaign for his innovative socks that raised him over $20,000 to continue growing his business.

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An Alumni of Wayne State University, Anthony Drummond majored in Music with a concentration in Music Technology. Drummond started with Blackstone LaunchPad in the Fall of 2012 by simply being curious about the office. “BLP has been a key source in helping me craft my business plan and has helped me overcome social fears when it came to networking and pitching for competition.” Warrior Fund, which helped his game development company, AdaptivElite, create their presence in the industry and form several key relationships with other businesses.

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Justine Sheu is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to help her surrounding community. She was previously a high school counselor in inner city Detroit. Her passion was sparked when she witnessed the disparities of inner city high school students and the lack of opportunities that await most high school seniors. Therefore Justine3 others created Pro:Up. Pro:Up matches high school students to educational and career development experiences like classes, summer programs, internships, and jobs.

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Shades of Green, LLC

Will Samuels is a current Wayne State University student and is majoring in business management. He is a veteran and was in the service for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­four years. Will started his business, Shades of Green, in 2008 after he was laid off from the auto industry and had a surplus from his previous job to invest in his business. He started with Blackstone LaunchPad in the fall of 2013.



Brian Royster is an accomplished student who has already received a degree in in computer electronic engineering & technology from ITT Technical Institute. He has come to Wayne State University to study Management Information Systems. Brian has over 13 years of computer programming & repair experience, with over 6 years of computer engineering experience. Brian launched his first business in 2012. He is the CEO, CFO, and lead developer for AskSupportNow which is an IT Managed Service company that provides cloud based IT solutions to business firms which include network monitoring, 24/7 help desk services and data backup & recovery.

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Girls With Guts

Jackie Zimmerman is a passionate activist for Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). After being diagnosed with IBD Jackie began to blog about her new life with the disease.  It was through this following of other bloggers and readers alike that people began to respond to her post. Through this connection with other women with IBD, Jackie started Girls With Guts non-profit in the fall of 2012.

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Andika Powell is a serial entrepreneur with businesses in the travel, real estate, and business consulting markets. He graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelors of Science and an MBA from Wayne State University. Andika Powell works full time at Hantz Group as an accountant and works with his present business P&P accounting. Andika Powell launched his fist business company, Blue Gamma, in 2009. He started working with Blackstone LaunchPad in 2011. Powell explains that Blackstone “Is a great networking group and great encouragement. They had great advice for investment. It was a really great place to go for support.”

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Guymon Ensley is a talented trumpeter and composer. Guymon can trace his musician career all the way back to 1999. He is a current faculty of Wayne State University and the CEO of GEQ Jazz entertainment. He started GEQ Jazz entertainment when he was playing with five different bands. He had a passion for promoting them and their talent. Guymon was able to turn his passion into a business. He started his company in 2002 and began working with Blackstone LaunchPad in the fall of 2015

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Timber Turnings
Dale Luff is a Wayne State Warrior who is majoring in Nutrition and Food Science. In spite of his interest in Nutrition and Food Science, he has a passion for fine wood crafts. In the spring of 2008 Dale began his business Timber Turnings. He enjoyed what he was doing with his hobby and wanted to start making money from what he enjoyed. When starting his classes at Wayne State University he began his relationship with Blackstone LaunchPad in the fall of 2014.
Innovation Clothing
Kayvon Huitt is majoring in Business Administration at Wayne State. He is passionate about fashion and it show’s in his everyday wear. Kayvon started his clothing company Innovation Clothing while attending Renaissance High School in the spring of 2012. His inspiration for his clothing company came from just simply shopping. He grew tired of searching for clothing and finding few clothes that he like. Therefore, he began to create the clothing that he wanted to see in stores. Kayvon began with Blackstone LaunchPad in the Fall of 2014.

Alton James began JivMedia in 2013 because “my industry didn’t exist in Michigan. So I wanted to capitalize the market gap”. In the fall of 2013 he brought his business to Blackstone LaunchPad where “I got my first experience with pitching and they helped me find my first client. They allowed me to remain in contact with those same contacts and opportunities. They helped me to find clients. Through BLP I entered in the Accelerate Michigan Competition in 2013 and continued to the semi-finals.”

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Nirav Patel is a proud Wayne State warrior that graduated with a degree in computer science. He started his company InvestAFind in October 2015. InvestAFind is a commercial real estate partnership marketplace. They seek to help every commercial real estate entrepreneur and institution create partnerships in order to expand their portfolios.

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Golden Grooming Co.

Abdul Golden is a devoted father and businessman. His career is based in computer science and information technology. He wanted to start his own business in order to create grooming products for African American Males. Adul’s company Golden Grooming is a line of natural grooming products for men of color



Sean Bakko has always been interested in computers. He is majoring in computer science at Wayne State University. He started his venture Postabyte in the fall of 2014. He began his company because “I always has a passion for tech and wanted to connect to people in different ways,” and so “I started to get a team together in order to find a way to try and bridge the gap between human interaction and technology.”


Line Studio Detroit

Andrew began as a fine arts painter in Illinois and continued his work in Georgia.  After moving to Asheville, NC he began learning the craft of concrete.  Andrew spent 7 years refining his skills with Mandala Design before moving up to Michigan. Once he got settled in the Detroit area he began Line Studio Detroit. His range of abilities is not limited to concrete work and painting. He is also a gifted woodworker with experience making tables, furniture, cabinets and bookcases.

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AVC Kitchens

Vazilyn Poinsetta is not your average person in their seventies. Once retired from her mortgage company she decided to go back to school to do what she has always loved; cooking. Poinsetta is studying Nutrition and Food Science at Wayne State University.She is a devout Seventh Day Adventist; which is a protestant denomination that focuses on christianity and vegetarianism.  Many of the recipes that AVC Kitchen highlights are easy to make vegetarian option.

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Blue Turtle Bio

Nilesh Joshi, MS in Bio-Chemistry 2014,  & Adham Aljahmi, Theater c/o 2014, created Blue Turtle Bio. Currently they are developing bio technologies in a San Francisco Accelerator for therapeutic probiotics.

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Maxim Ermakov has a B.A. in Finance, c/o 2012, started the company Insights3 which provides full service consulting for startups to fortune 100 businesses.

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